Who we are?

NUTRICLINIC Ltd provides online nutrition consulting in English language for our worldwide clients mainly covering UK and EU clients in the field of healthy lifestyle, naturopathic nutrition and preventive medicine. The main clinic is based in Europe. We combine the principles of naturopathic nutrition and functional medicine with the latest scientific medical knowledge and studies. We work closely together as a team to map all of your major life events, your medical condition, and any medications you are taking. This will help us identify the cause of your illness or symptoms, and then we can help you make changes in your diet and lifestyle. Our therapeutic recommendations are always evidence-based and have long been validated by nature.

With this comprehensive approach, we will help you to achieve the desired better health and a long-term sustainable slim figure. At NUTRICLINIC, we use an individual and professional approach, and our nutritional and lifestyle plan will always be tailored to your age, health, abilities and your preferences. Finally, we will create it together with you so that you will like it and find it to be realistic and sustainable.

Our goal is to improve your health, alleviate your symptoms and help you feel better, „more beautiful“ and „happier“ than before. And all this with the help of naturopathic nutrition and natural preventive medicine tailored to you.

Are you ready?

✓    strengthen your immunity (including prevention / long COVID-19)
✓    drop weight and maintain it
✓    strengthen your cardiovascular system
✓    improve your digestion
✓    adjust your blood glucose (type 2 diabetes)
✓    improve your sleep or reduce stress
✓    increase energy and think clearer
✓    alleviate or end migraines
✓    detoxify the body
✓    lower cholesterol and high blood pressure

How can we help you?

Sleep • Thyroid Health • pre-post and Menopause • Osteoporosis • Digestion & IBS • Weight management • Hormonal health • Autoimmune diseases • Fibromyalgia • Stress and burnout, anxiety • Cardiovascular diseases • Allergies, asthma, eczema & intolerances • Increased energy and reduced fatigue, detoxification • Improvement of cognition (memory, attention, Alzheimer’s) • Immunity (including covid immunity, COVID-19 prevention & post-covid / long covid) • Metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance) and type 2 diabetes • And others

  • El K.
    I am glad I tried NutriClinic, as i have been anaemic and Suzanna helped me to with natural ingedients to see how I can help myself to get better and boost my Iron. I will take next consultations to feel better. Thank you. Recommended.
    El K.
    Stamford, UK
  • I was seeking advice when I was suffering with GERD. And Zuzanna was very helpful gave me a good advice on diet prevention and treatment .And some further practical advice on prevention.Benefited from her knowledge of my condition.
    Silvia U.
    London, UK
  • Thank you to NutriClinic for Weight Control consultations services. I have been on their plan and see the results! Will definitely continue. Also a new nutrition plan helped me with my atopic eczema as a bonus, so very pleased!
    Milo K.
    Peterborough, UK

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