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Online Consultations

The zoom consultation has the same duration as the personal consultation, so you are not missing out. On the contrary, it has many advantages, saving your time and money to travel, flexibility (e.g. early morning or evening consultations) and safety (elimination of possible virus contamination). We have a sophisticated way to identify the cause of the disease using our Diet Diary and Nutrition and Lifestyle questionnaires (filled in beforehand) and asking many questions about your health, living and eating habits and family history, which will help us get an overall picture of the health problem and design an effective nutrition and lifestyle program after we have an in-depth consultation with you.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. Due to travel restrictions, we have decided to open our walk-in clinic in Europe and be closer to our family however, we are happy to be able to offer online services to our Stamford and all of the UK clients. But it is said that every coin has two sides so now your consultations can take place from the comfort of your home via the Zoom app (you only need to have an internet connection on your PC or mobile, we will send the ID and password, no installation is needed, it’s good to have a camera).


  • Call us or write to us and order a free consultation.
  • The aim of this consultation is to find out how we can help you and whether we can offer you what you are looking for and recommend the most suitable health program or other suitable product.

INITIAL CONSULTATION – 60 min. + 30 min zoom / telephone presentation of the nutrition plan

  • This consultation is for you if you want to better understand your health, the symptoms you are experiencing, or just want to help you set up your healthy lifestyle and you don’t know how to do it.
  • Before this consultation, you will send us a completed questionnaire and a 3-day dietary calendar along with one or two main goals / symptoms you want to address.
  • During the consultation, we will analyze your eating and lifestyle habits and your family history in detail, and try to identify the cause of your illness or symptoms.
  • Then we will set up a sustainable nutritional and lifestyle plan for your specific health problem or goal. Whether you want to lose weight, feel better, or solve your chosen health problem, your nutrition plan will always be tailored for your needs.
  • Then, in 7 days either via zoom or by phone we will present your detailed nutritional and lifestyle plan in about 30 minutes.
  • One month after the initial consultation, a 45 minutes check up will follow, where we will evaluate how you managed to stick to the set plan and recommend the next procedure.


HEALTH PROGRAMS – 3 to 6 months

• 1 x INITIAL CONSULTATION – approx. 60 min. via zoom (with the same content as at the initial consultation with the presentation of the plan)

• 2 x CHECK UPS 30 min. (once a month) during 3 months by phone or zoom. If necessary, in case of a long-term health problem or weight loss program, the possibility to extend the program to 6 or 9 months with a loyalty VIP discount.

• Once a month you can use our 5 min. HELPLINE (1 question call) as per need of the client

• 1 x Analysis and evaluation of your diet – lifestyle analysis and nutrient intake.

• 3 x CHECK UPS 10-15 min (14 days after INITIAL CONSULTATION, monthly) evaluation of results – (these additional 3 CHECK UPS apply only to SLIM KOMPLET PROGRAM and METABOLIC PROGRAM.

• Complete coaching program for 3 months – support via emails, whatsapp texts or sms messages according to the client’s needs (max. once a week).

• Recommendation of appropriate specific physical activity and exercise for the health condition or goal of the program.

• Tips on recommended recipes, cooking, books and advice when choosing food.

• Gifts – 10% DISCOUNT for you for the next 3 or 6 month period and also for a recommended family member or friend for a 3-month program. The discount will be applied only after the confirmed paid reservation.

• Possibility to purchase extra services and products, e.g. supplements, laboratory and functional tests with our partner nutrition companies and laboratories in the UK.