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SLIM Program

Dangerous visceral fat — the type of deep fat that tends to accumulate near your belly, surrounding your vital organs as heart, liver, guts — raises the risk for serious conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many others.

And that’s why „losing weight“ is not only nice but also healthy and responsible! Gaining weight is sick, but the good news is that you can get rid of this disease and other diseases as well. In our KH PROGRAM we will help you do it wisely without drastic diets and starvation or powder soups. Because when you have a tailored plan that is right for you and your body, and you enjoy and like it, you are more than likely to experience sustainable and lasting weight loss!

That’s how we do it at NUTRICLINIC! We will teach you how to eat properly, how to time your meals depending on your health, your age and your nutritional purpose. We will also teach you what to eat and how to compile a suitable ratio of nutrients in your diet – don’t worry, no tables! We will help you orientate yourself in foods and in their selection and purchase and how to eliminate the unsuitable and add the necessary ones so that you feel full, energetic but you lose weight and at the same time you gain nice male or fine female muscles. Just some interesting facts about losing weight:

  • Some research suggests that diet-induced inflammation may induce resistance to leptin, the driving force behind obesity.
  • Scientific studies show that the transfer of intestinal flora from obese mice to lean mice causes lean mice to gain weight and vice versa.
  • What we eat affects which types of bacteria will proliferate in our gut. Overweight individuals have a different composition of the intestinal microflora than lean individuals (eg reduced bifidobacteria).
  • • Modification of the intestinal flora with prebiotics and probiotics is an important part of effective weight management and metabolic health protocol.

Prebiotics = indigestible carbohydrates that support the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria (onion, garlic, leek, asparagus, dandelion leaves, artichokes, etc.)

Probiotics = microorganisms introduced into the body for their beneficial health properties (fermented foods – sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, acidophilic milk, sourdough bread, etc.)

Studies have confirmed that the use of prebiotics:

  • promotes satiety,
  • reduces the feeling of hunger,
  • reduces food intake,
  • suppresses ghrelin production.
Virus with red blood cells (1)


When our immune system is working properly, we don’t even notice it until it is an under- or over-active and then we are at higher risk of developing infections and other health conditions.

To boost your immune system, be advised that it does not happen overnight. It’s a matter of strengthening your immune response constantly and regularly exercise, with lifestyle changes and the use of immune-boosting food and antimicrobial and antiviral herbs and even supplements when we need to. But most importantly, your body is made to combat germs and protect your body from harm. We just need to support it in his job.

Wonder if you can boost your “covid immunity”? Fortunately, doctors say that there are certain foods can enhance this complex network’s ability to fight off infections like the coronavirus. The best immune-boosting foods to fight COVID-19 range from fruits and veggies to spices e.g. ginger, curcuma, medicinal mushrooms, also specific antiviral and immune boosting nutrients in correct doses and absorbable types such, these antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals play a major role in how effectively your immune system can respond to invaders—like virus particles that enter your system. That’s why one of the best ways to ward off illness is to stick to a healthy, diverse diet and if needed think of supplementing. Read more in our article about Vitamin D. Feeling weak or tired, illness or long term stress lowers your immunity so your body is depleted from these hardworking immunity soldiers.

When 70% of your immunity in the gut, smooth gut functioning and consuming the right nutrients are two of the most important things you can do to improve your immunity, optimize your health and fight diseases and viruses.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a metabolic disorder involves a combination of three or more of the following: (1) abdominal obesity, (2) high triglyceride levels, (3) high blood sugar, (4) high blood pressure or (5) low HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

The term “metabolic” means biochemical processes involved in the body’s normal functioning. When you are told you have metabolic syndrome, your body is in a state of serious malfunction. Metabolic syndrome increases your risk for some very concerning and possibly deadly health issues, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes (T2D).

But there’s good news! When you were diagnosed with some of these named health issues please get in touch with us. In NURTCLINIC we will support you getting your body metabolically back on track through our intense 3 or 6 month program as well as keeping it on track throughout your entire program and hopefully  rest of your life. Some of the best ways to avoid metabolic syndrome include maintaining a healthy weight, regularly exercising and eating a plant-based diet.

Some research suggests that even diet-induced chronic intestinal inflammation can often be a trigger for metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, or can cause so-called „Hepatic steatosis“ which is a metabolic disease. Even some research suggests that dietary inflammation may trigger leptin resistance, which is a driver of obesity.

BE AWARE,  poorly controlled blood sugar and overal insulin resistance may well increase the risk of Alzheimer’s to the extent that some have even called Alzheimer’s  “diabetes of the brain” or “type 3 diabetes (T3D. This manifests as “insulin resistance within the brain“.


Stress, Tiredness and Energy

Feeling constantly stressed, anxious or always tired despite good sleep? Or even your sleep is effected? Likely, stress is not only effecting your mood, well-being, relationships but also your digestion. And it is not surprising that stress depletes you from various vitamins and minerals and influence many functions in the body from gastrointestinal to hormonal and even start many inflammatory diseases. Various stressors such as fear, anger, trauma, painful life or social events or experiences, long lasting stress, affect both the individual’s physiologic and gastric function, revealing a two-way interaction between brain and gut/stomach health. There is clinical evidence that stress influences gastric function, thereby outlining the pathogenesis of gastric diseases such as gastritis (functional dyspepsia), gastroesophageal reflux disease and peptic ulcer disease. An understanding of the role of pathological stressors in the development of such diseases have important pathogenic and therapeutic implications.

The major breakthrough in understanding the interactions between the central nervous system and the gut was the discovery of the enteric nervous system (ENS) in the 19th century. ENS (also called ‚little brain‘) plays a crucial role in the regulation of the physiological gut functions.

Consuming the right foods, eliminating foods that cause inflammation in the body, and also tabilizing blood sugar levels, along with techniques that reduce stress, such as functional breathing, exercise, relaxation techniques, and many herbs and supplements, can significantly reduce your body’s stress response to external stress.

Digestive Tract

All Disease Begins in The Gut – Hippocrates

Although maybe not all disease begins in your gut, evidence shows that many and the most chronic and metabolic diseases do.

There are about 100 trillion different organisms or healthy bacteria in the human gut, which make up 70% of your immune system! According to numerous studies your gut bacteria and your gut lining integrity affect strongly your all health. Undesirable bacterial products called endotoxins can under some circumstances leak through your gut lining and enter your bloodstream, causing gut permeability also known as “leaky gut”.

Your immune system then recognizes these foreign molecules and attacks them, resulting in — chronic inflammation — this type of inflammation involves your entire body — this is believed to drive the world’s most serious diseases including include obesity, heart disease, depression, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance or even some various cancers or Alzheimer’s disease.

Sadly, the majority of the population has excessive damaging (bad) bacteria and inadequate beneficial (good) bacteria for the right balance and proper bacterial diversity. 

Some reasons are:

  • Poor diet – lack of fibre, fatty and sugary food, pro-inflammatory dairy…etc
  • Chronic Stress – altering digestive secretion, , blood flow, gut permeability and even change of bacterial composition
  • Over medicating – antibiotics, NSAID’s, antacids, OCP – birth control pills,  anti-depressants
  • Exposure to Toxins in Environment and Food –  pesticides and herbicides, PCBs, BPA,  arsenic
  • Overall health or poor disease status

DETOX and Liver Cleanse 

Would you like to cleanse your body and optimize your health without spending lots of money? Why you may want to consider a natural DETOX diet protocol with us? Let us give you some sound reasons…

Most of us are exposed to plenty of toxins, heavy metals and chemicals on a daily basis. These are found in everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat. However, your body is able detoxify naturally and remove these dangerous compounds. In our DETOX programme we can help you to switch up your diet and lifestyle to maximize your body’s toxin-removing potential. And this is the best and the most natural and sustainable way how to detoxify your body and live healthy life. In NURTCLINIC we will teach you the right way to detoxify your body during our intense 3 or 6 month programme and then you will be able to repeat it any time you feel appropriate without spending any additional money.

What Is a Detox? Why Is It Needed?

For some, it may mean an intense cleansing diet that consists of drinking strange mixtures of drinks for weeks to achieve weight loss. For others, the term “detox” is just a marketing tactic for selling expensive and overpriced products to health-conscious consumers.

A detox diet, in fact, is a healthy way to get back on track and help your body to clear out toxins and keep you in tip-top shape. And your body is designed to do exactly that. It has a complex detox system built in, and all of your organs work together to keep you feeling healthy. For example, the liver is the body’s waste disposal unit, and it needs to be working efficiently for you to eliminate toxins properly.

You need to remember that factors like chronic stress, physical inactivity and a diet high in ultra-processed foods can totally overwhelm your body’s natural detox system. In our DETOX programme we can help you to tackle these factors and set up a healthy lifestyle and nutrition plan that includes a detox diet – cutting out junk foods and increasing your intake of nutritious whole foods along with a few powerful detox superfoods (e.g. Chlorella and turmeric). Most importantly, unlike on other detox diets, this kind of natural cleanse will not drain your energy levels. In contrary, it will boost your energy, restore your motivation and help you feel your best.

HEALTH PROGRAMS – 3 to 6 months

• 1 x INITIAL CONSULTATION – approx. 90 min. via zoom (with the same content as at the initial consultation with the presentation of the plan)

• 2 x CHECK UPS 30 min. (once a month) during 3 months by phone or zoom. If necessary, in case of a long-term health problem or weight loss program, the possibility to extend the program to 6 or 9 months with a loyalty VIP discount.

• Once a month you can use our 5 min. HELPLINE

• 1 x Analysis and evaluation of your diet – lifestyle analysis and nutrient intake.

• 3 x CHECK UPS 15 min (14 days after INITIAL CONSULTATION, monthly) evaluation of results – (these additional 3 CHECK UPS apply only to SLIM KOMPLET PROGRAM and METABOLIC PROGRAM.

• Complete coaching program for 3 months – support via emails, whatsapp texts or sms messages according to the client’s needs (max. once a week).

• Recommendation of appropriate specific physical activity and exercise for the health condition or goal of the program.

• Tips on recommended recipes, cooking, books and advice when choosing food.

• Gifts – 10% DISCOUNT for you for the next 3 or 6 month period and also for a recommended family member or friend for a 3-month program. The discount will be applied only after the confirmed paid reservation.

• Possibility to purchase extra services and products, e.g. supplements, laboratory and functional tests with our partner nutrition companies and laboratories in the UK.